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Rich Americans Are Going To Have The Most Expensive Holiday Season Since Before The 2008 Recession

By: Elena Holodny Americans are planning on spending more on gifts, travel, and entertainment this year. On average, they're planning on spending $10,525, according to a BMO Private Bank study. And 43% of respondents stated that they are planning on selling more than they did before ... Shared via Blog

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UBS, Merrill Increase Bonuses For New Assets And Banking Referrals

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By: Mason Braswell

If you want to know where the largest brokerages see the business going, look no further than their brokers’ compensation plans.

Both UBS Wealth Management Americas and Bank of America Merrill Lynch are tweaking their advisers’ pay plan next year to sweeten bonuses for advisers who bring in new assets and refer clients for banking products.

“We’ve made changes to our compensation plan annually for the last five years, to really support our strategy,” said Jason Chandler, the head of UBS Wealth Management Americas’Advisor Group with a focus on the East

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